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Product model:Full-automatic straw bag machine

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Product introduction

This product is a new generation of green walnut peeling and processing equipment developed by us recently.

It has features of light weight, small size, convenient transportation, easy operation, flexible use and high processing efficiency.

This equipment has threshing performance of green walnut peel higher than 99%, and the breakage rate of walnut shell les than 0.5%.

The equipment is applicable to small processing enterprises or walnut operating merchants.

This equipment has advantages of low fault rate, long service life and easy maintenance.

This product has high cost performance, saves manpower, materials and costs. Only two persons are required to operate it, and it can process about 100 tons of walnut every month.

It is easy to be commissioned. Using personnel of various green walnut peeling enterprises and walnut processing departments can adjust it by themselves.

The equipment is driven stably, has low noise and parts supply is guaranteed.

Application scope

Product introduction

ZCB- 5 full-automatic straw bag machine

ZCB- 5 full-automatic straw bag machine developed and manufactured by us is a product of utility model patent (patent No.: 86.200667.8).

Product application

The straw bags woven are widely applied for flood prevention, water conservancy construction, bricks and tiles plant, construction, road engineering, cold protection for vegetable shed, heat preservation of subsidiary agricultural products, transportation, ceramics, industrial products packaging, flowers and nursery stock bundling, etc. Thus, the equipment has large social demand.

Product features

Abundant raw materials: The production raw material of ZCB-5 full-automatic straw bag machine is straw which is very abundant in the rural areas and has very low costs. The rural labor force can carry out production by use of the automatic straw matting weaving machine when they are leisure. With small input, large output can be obtained. A straw bag consumes about 3 kg of straws and power of about 0.03 KWH. The automatic straw matting weaving machine becomes the good project for utilizing wastes and getting rich in the rural areas.

High automation: automatic straw loading, automatic weaving, automatic edge lock, and adjustable straw feed and length.

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