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We adhere to the "comprehensive, high-quality and fast" service standard. With the objective of customer satisfaction, we make following commitments publicly.
  • 一、Service commitment
    1. For the convenience of users, we have established a special sales and maintenance service center, and have applied a whole set of complete scientific management system from equipment consultation, scheme design, product ordering, equipment manufacturing supervision, delivery, transportation, inspection of incoming goods, equipment installation, commissioning and trial run, etc.
    2. We have a batch of well-trained after-sales service personnel with a strong sense of responsibility. They pay a return visit to customers regularly, solicit customers' comment, guide customers for use and maintenance, solve problems for users, guide how to correctly use and maintain the equipment or parts as per specific conditions and instruct users to operate the equipment correctly, to increase the operating efficiency of equipment and extend the service life of equipment to the greatest extent.
    3. The user will become a member of our after-sales service network. We establish the complete after-sales service archive for each user to carry out systematic and standard monitoring and maintenance for the equipment, and regularly inspect the equipment operation, so our users can obtain the maximum economic and social benefits.
  • 二、Mode of transportation
    1. All goods shall be delivered to the customer free of charge and then installed, commissioned, installed and maintained free of charge. The maintenance personnel shall tell the customer common knowledge on product maintenance, until the customer is satisfied.
    2. After all goods are installed and commissioned, our personnel will leave the site only after checking and acceptance by the customer.
  • 三、Commitment for return or replacement of product
    1. The product to be returned or replaced shall have complete external packing, accessories, user manual, warranty card, invoice, shipping order and shall be provided with description of reasons.
    2. In the event of quality problem under normal service conditions, please contact us as soon as possible in the warranty period.
    3. In the case of following conditions, we will not accept return or replacement of product.
    a. The product was once used abnormally.
    b. The product is stored at abnormal conditions and got wet.
    c. Unauthorized repair.
    d. Normal wear of product.
    e. Beyond the warranty period.
LIAONING HAIDISHENG MACHINERY CO., LTD reserves the right of final interpretation for the commitments above.