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[News] HAIDISHENG's Grain Dryer: Farmer's Good Helper!

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China is the largest grain production country and consumption country with the annual total grain yield of about 500 million tons. Due to economic and technical reasons, except large farms and economically developed regions, most grains are still dried with the traditional method. The degree of grain drying mechanization is very low, and harvested grains sprout, deteriorate, get rotten due to untimely drying, causing huge losses. Relevant statistic data indicates, the loss proportion of grains harvested reaches up to 15% approximately during stripping, drying, storage and transportation in China, far exceeding 5% standard specified by FAO. 5% of these losses are caused by mildew and sprouting, etc. due to untimely drying of grains or failure to reach the safety moisture level under adverse weather conditions every year. Calculated as per annual total grain yield of 500 million tons, 25 million tons of grains are lost every year.

With the development of Chinese national economy and continuous improvement of people's living standard, people have increasingly higher requirements for grain quality, either for eating or deep processing. As the agricultural mechanization is popularized and improved, it is impracticable to dry the grains solely relying on the weather. Relevant agricultural reports indicate, the sales of drying machines are growing every year in China, and grains drying machines are gradually accepted by farmers.

The grain dryer developed by us for years with dedications can easily solve the grain drying problem. The grains are timely dried after harvested, and then the second-season crops can be timely sown, saving time and labor and increasing income. Such equipment can dry rice, corn, barley and wheat, etc. Applied with advanced technology, the product has high automation, small noise and vibration and saves fuel. It is easy to operate, has short drying time and remarkable energy conservation effect. The practice has proved, the equipment can save energy by 20% to 25% approximately compared with other equipment with the same drying capacity. Our grain drying equipment has developed toward high efficiency, high quality, energy conservation, costs reduction and computer control. At present, we have basically accomplished standard series production, automation and smart control. With mature technology, reliable quality and numerous models, the product can be applied to the demand of various drying quantity (daily handling capacity: 6 tons to 500 tons)

The equipment can use electricity, fuel oil, natural gas and biomass (rice shell, straw, cavings, etc.) to supply heat, reducing costs, saving energy and also protecting the environment.

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